QR Code Questions

Q: How does the QR Code system work in the Mobile App? Can I create codes and print them to put on displays/ marketing collaterals to get people to scan so I can capture the leads?

A: The QR Coupon module is a QR code based loyalty program. You can create promotions in the SoLoMo App Dashboard and the unique QR code for that particular promotion will be generated automatically. You can then download this QR Code and print them on paper. When your customer comes into your store, your customer will simply turn on your app, tap on the QR Coupon tab and scan the QR Code that your counter staff shows to him/her upon purchase. Upon scanning, a “loyalty stamp” will be recorded onto the customer’s QR Coupon tab in the app. Once a predetermined number of “loyalty stamps” are collected each time the customer makes a purchase in your store, a reward is unlocked and he/she can redeem it by showing it to the in-store staff.

Q: Does the person need to download my App before they scan the QR code with my app or can they just use any Scan program in their smartphone to scan the QR code?

A: The customer must use your app to scan the QR code to record his purchase as a “loyalty stamp”

By: shum